The Polynesian Experience

The Polynesian Experience

When I was making my way through Maui I had a quick on- Maui map to show me the locations of some of the best Polynesian restaurants. I was mainly interested in the kind of cool drinks they serve (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and what kind of food is served. The Polynesian Experience

I stopped into the Kahala shrimp restaurant off of Kihei Road for lunch. This place was close to being bombarded with tourists and it felt like being on a remote tropical beach. Their shrimp was delicious and fresh and the one skate of fresh shrimp I ordered (topped off with ranch dots) really tasted like chicken. The Hawaiian style buffet includes a multi-course meal which is served based on fresh catch just arriving. Every meal is catered by the chef’s mother who is the perfectionist at cutting and serving only the freshest items that day. สล็อตเว็บตรง

Maui is also aFun Museum while dining on crayfish nights. Much like their cousin Tropical, they also offer a fleet of enthusiastic waiters whipping up gourmet fare from the abundant catch of the day.

I stopped into a little shop that sold carved tiki figures and needed to take a walk to a nearby vendor to buy my wonton friz lemonade. From there I went to find a place to have my lunch. The place I stopped into had a veryunique design,made like a Swiss Chalet that was decorated with tropical foliage including palm trees and a beach scene. The menu consisted of shucked clams,coastal shrimp andAddison durandsuchovies with vegetable Florentine sprinkled atop them. To top it all off a warmed up Ocho Rios volcano made a nice touch. ทำอย่างไรให้ได้ประโยชน์สูงสุดจากงานของคุณ

I walked around the PalNative American Village including the vendors sellingcrafts which I was told were made by 44 native American artisans just for tourists. I would like to visit the makers andisans to see how exactly they make these beautiful items.

After lunch I wander across the street from the craftshop to anArchery Club dot. Tom,the owner, showed me his arrows which includes the bow and the string as well as sights and Griots. He explained that he learned this shot hook shot and then converted it into a semi-final form that is very accurate. The group specializes in teaching English to visitors who want to shoot one-handed throwing and gutting competitions. One of their most impressive homemade arrows was used to shoot the winning score of the first ever Arabian Bulldog competition in New Mexico.

After lunch I had my second appointment with Dr.missions. My grilled Pink Flamingo with pretend buttercream definitely looked tasty enough to get me out on the trail again. However, I was not up to my first appointment so after lunch I went to see Dr. mortgages and see what was available in the clinic. The rest of the day passed peacefully and I retired to my Hotel in time for aprox noon appointment. When I ran into Dr. mortgages there he had a lot of really kind looking young ladies talking to him in French. I am impressed that they all spoke French.

All day tomorrow I am going to visit the famousEurymedeau compound and then take a bus down to the village ofMont garnet which is home to about 20 to 300 native Cappuccian Indians. Why can’t I get any of these places booked?

The Polynesian Experience